Who is Offend My Eyes?

We aren’t just another clothing company claiming to be unique. We are proud to be weird - its what makes us who we are and there’s no shame in that, especially when being strange looks so good! 

Jack and Nick from Offend My Eyes

Weirdo, tranny, dyke, freak... we've heard them all. Offend My Eyes started in 2013 in retaliation to the oppressive culture in modern society - particularly when it came to fashion and identity. The world is forced into normative roles from an early age and if you don't conform you are often cast out or in some countries, even persecuted.

We don't want to conform to please other people's expectations. We want to be expressive, colourful, thoughtful and fun, but most of all, we want to be true to ourselves.

Starting a clothing company has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and obstacles. From mastering the printing process to marketing in an inclusive, diverse environment - finding a way to print Jack's colourful artwork onto a garment that everyone could wear has certainly been challenging! Not to mention getting people to take you seriously when you're a social misfit.

It's been a lot of fun and we are eternally grateful to have some of the best customers a company could ever wish for. We appreciate all the support we have received so far and we will continue to support the LGBT community, local musicians and everyone who dares to be themselves, because life is too short to wear boring clothes. 


Jack Bean

Vegetarian, Reader, Lucid Dreamer and Drawer of things.

Jack Bean from Offend My Eyes

30 year old Jack has always been one of those creative arty types. Using his BA degree in Illustration and 10 years experience of working as a freelance artist; he creates the bold, colourful and crazy illustrations that appear on Offend My Eyes' clothing.

"To me, clothing shouldn't be about fitting in and trying to be like everybody else. It's about expressing who you really are. So why settle for something boring if your personality is anything but?"

Jack uses his experience of navigating life as a transgender man to inspire his work, and his art often features subtle messages about being yourself, being proud and being true to yourself. Jack believes living open and honestly is the key to happiness.

Jack runs the Offend My Eyes blog and writes articles about gender in fashion for other UK based companies and charities.


Nick S-J

Mohawk clad, Board Game fanatic and Lover of the Cute and Creepy.


Quiet and tentative until you get to know her, Nick is the other half of the Offend My Eyes duo. She left her job as a Chef years ago to pursue her dreams of travelling the world and discovering new culture and now she answers to nobody but herself.

"People stare at me constantly because I look different from other people, so I thought, 'Why not give them something to stare at?' Now they stare at my clothing more than they stare at me!"

She is an out and proud lesbian who can be found packing orders, tweeting customers and partying in the Offend My Eyes pop-up shop at prides and gay events across the UK.

Nick firmly believes that sexuality, gender and identity are complex, evolving parts of us that we still don't fully understand. "Never judge anyone." is her mantra.

You can meet both Jack and Nick in the Offend My Eyes pop-up shop at festivals, conventions and pride events around the UK. Find out if they're coming to a City or Town near you by visiting our 'Upcoming Events' page here. Don't be afraid to come and say Hello!


Offend My Eyes is an independent, UK based clothing company for people who wear clothing as bright as their personalities. We aim to create unique, challenging and colourful designs that are custom made into high quality clothing that lasts for years. Everything we offer on our website is in stock and ready for dispatch. 

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