Meet the team


We’re not normal, and we’re proud of it. We work hard to create crazy, colourful and challenging clothing that can be worn by everyone, no matter who you are, and we have a lot of fun while we’re doing it!

5 years ago we started as a couple of weirdos designing one colour, screen printed t-shirts and we turned into a colourful company bursting with 57 designs across 30 products attending hundreds of festivals, prides, conventions and events with our eye-catching pop up shop.

We’re most well known for our all-over sublimation that is so bright it’ll hurt your eyes. Check out our process page to see more about how we make these super bold garments.




We take colour seriously


Everything started in 2013. We wanted to make a living from our creativity and turn our individuality into a career, so we decided to start designing our own t-shirts. 

In the beginning we were limited with what we could make. The screen printing company we used was restrictive in terms of colours and complexity of the design so we searched for a better way to make our clothing to be as bright and crazy as our personalities! 

After a lot of research, and even more trial and error - we discovered sublimation printing. This process, which involves a special kind of ink that transforms into a gas, is what gives us the incredibly colourful results that we use today. It took us some time to perfect, but we're proud to say that our quest for quality clothing has more than paid off and we now consider ourselves experts in colour sublimation garments. 



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Offend My Eyes is lovingly run by us - Jack and Nick - a couple of social outcasts from Doncaster, UK

Together we are the small, independant business who focus on making items that can be worn by everyone. That's why all of our clothing is completely genderless, and we offer an extensive size range from XXS up to 5XL



jack offend my eyes


“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”

Uses his experiences as a transgender man to create weird, liberating and honest designs

Loves animal facts

Looks a bit like Timmy Mallett


nick offend my eyes

"Give them something to stare at"

Handles everything from posting orders to selling at events

Not-so-secretly in love with pop queen Lorde

Swears. A lot.