Our process


We spent a lot of time getting our printing the way we wanted it. We tried, and failed, many times before we finally nailed the perfect process to create bright and colourful garments that never fade. 

So how do we do it? 

Well, first of all, our in-house artist Jack draws the artwork. This can take weeks to months as he goes through a series of sketches and edits, then adding colour and details before finally ending up with the colourful design.


We then take the finished artwork and use a series of electronic templates to place these designs onto panels. At the same time, we cut matching pieces of blank material. We then use the sublimation process to transfer our designs onto this material.

Sublimation is a heat and pressure activated process where the ink molecules transform from a solid into a gas state, without becoming a liquid. This enables them to transfer into the open fibres of the material, which close after cooling to trap the ink inside. Once the temperate normalizes, the gas solidifies back into ink creating a super bright colour that is now permanently inside the material, meaning it will never wash out!

sublimation printing sublimated clothing

We use only the highest quality, imported italian inks combined with the latest sublimation technology in China to dye our material, and printing onto the templates ensures we have no white gaps or streaks in the design.

After the dying process, we then sew the material together carefully, add the neck label and quality check each one - resulting in the final product that is instantly recognisable as Offend My Eyes.

sublimated clothing

The sublimation process is lengthy and costs more than a screenprint or digital print, but we think it’s worth it. We’re proud of our high quality clothing and can confidently say the designs will NEVER fade or crack, no matter how many times you wash them. We even offer a never fade guarantee.


Is it ethical?


While we might not advertise ourselves as an eco-friendly company – we, as people, care about our world and our environment. It bothers us to see so much waste and careless pollution in the process to create T-shirts that we try to make sure we can be as kind to the planet as we possibly can.

Sublimation, as opposed to screen-printing or digital printing, is environmentally conscious. It has no ink wastage, because all the ink placed into the sublimation machine is used and none of the left over dye is rinsed into wastewater. We only print our patterns onto the panels that will become the t-shirt so we don't waste any printed material.

We refrain from using swing tags as much as we can, as these are mostly taken off and thrown in the bin after purchase, and we recently switched to A5 invoices rather than A4 to save half the amount of paper we use. Also, we recently switched from giving customers buying in our pop up shop plastic carrier bags, to eco friendly, non woven fabric bags that can be re-used or recycle. 

We will continue to assess our wastage and plastic use to limit the damage on the environment as much as we possibly can.