We LOVE expressing ourselves with bright colours! (Couldn’t you tell?) But we don’t love how tricky it is to get the right combination of colours without looking like you was just involved in a paint factory explosion. We have a lot of fun styling colours together and we’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. Here are our top tips to making your colourful outfit work.


If you’re an artist or designer you’ll be familiar with the sacred wheel. For everyone else, here's a great example;

The Colour Wheel

There are lots of colour combinations to choose from, but we found that using these two rules when plotting your outfit colours gives you a massive advantage;

- Colours that are OPPOSITE on the colour wheel, compliment each other well and create a vibrant, bold effect

Red and Yellow

(Red and Yellow are opposite each other on the colour wheel)

- Colours that are NEXT to each other on the colour wheel also work well together, but in a more SUBTLE and HARMONIOUS way

Harmonious colours

(Blue and purple are next to each other on the colour wheel)

Stick to these 2 rules and you can't go wrong.


If you’re planning a colourful outfit - how about dying your hair to match? Even a few streaks or a wash-out dye will bring everything together. We recommed NYC punks MANIC PANIC because they’re vegan, easy to use and last a long time! We swear by them. If you’re not brave enough to dye your hair, then manic panic sell great strips of clip-in hair too!

Manic Panic

Pro tip: mix up your hair dyes to create your own custom colour!


An easy way to add colour to your outfit is with necklaces, glasses, wristbands, badges or hair clips. You can mix and match them to compliment the colours in your outfit and add extra accents. Plus, studs, diamantes, silver, gold, chrome or holographic materials will work with ANY colour combo - they all reflect and enhance what you’re wearing.

Red accessories

Photography by Empty Gaze 


You might think pastel colours aren't bright - but when used in the right way they are just as colourful! Unlike bolder colours, pastels can be mixed with a lot more shades (as long as they're all pastel) to create a rainbow effect. How Kawaii!

Pastel Minty Frills

Minty Frills shows off their pastels


Wait, aren't we talking about wearing colour? Yes, but if you’re trying to create a colourful look without looking garish, try not to mix up too many colours. Stick to three main colours using the colour wheel, or add neutral shades like black, white and brown to enhance the colours you do have. You can use different shades of the same colour too! Unless you like looking garish - in that case - go for it!


The most important advice we can give you is to wear what you are comfortable in, and stop caring about what others may think. Sure, they might stare, but as long as you like what you look like - that's all that matters! Besides, they're probably just admiring your excellent sense of aesthetic colour matching. Wave and smile!

Colourful kids