We all love receiving gifts during the festive season, but after the third set of Lynx body wash it does start to get a bit boring. At least you can avoid giving your loved ones the same old presents this year with our list of quirky and unusual gift ideas! There's something to suit everyone's tastes and budgets from an assortment of local, independent, UK businesses. So grab a mince pie and some hot chocolate, this year shopping will be easy!

1. Pyrography by Burning Sensations

What says Christmas better then the smell of burning wood? 

Burning Sensations literally burns all kinds of designs into wooden boxes, plaques, magnets, keyrings and even children's toys! These gifts are perfect for personalising with your loved one's names, but if you don't have much of an imagination, they have lots of designs ready and waiting too.

Burning Sensations Christmas Gift Idea

Price Range: £££££

Great for: Kids / Teens / Adults / Elderly

Buy: Facebook

2. Hand made pottery by Cave Crafts

Know any Vikings? This pottery is exactly what they need! Each tankard, jug and goblet is hand shaped and kiln cooked to create one-off pieces that you know no one else will have. Packing some serious weight and size, they're influenced by medieval folklore and feature some mighty beards and brows!

Cave Crafts Christmas Gift Idea

Price Range: £££££

Great for: Kids / Teens / Adults / Elderly

Buy: Etsy

3. Statement jewellery by Sstutter

Ok, we'll admit it. We've talked about Stutter before. We can't get enough of creator Phil's statement jewellery and who can blame us, when he creates such eye-catching masterpieces? If you've got a special someone who likes to stand out from the crowd - look no further! Plus, they come beautifully presented in their own boxes with matching cleaning cloths, so it saves you a few pence on wrapping paper too.

Stutter Christmas Gift Idea

Price Range: £££££

Great for: Kids / Teens / Adults / Elderly

Buy: Website

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4. Tattoo vouchers by The Ink Spot

If a gift is for life and not just Christmas, then Award-winning tattoo artist Simon Cooke of The Ink Spot in Stoke-On-Trent is quite possibly Santa Claus. If you're looking for a gift with a difference or something that's a little more personal, Simon offers tattoo gift vouchers from £10 upwards - and we guarantee the lucky receiver won't be disappointed with the results.

Simon Cooke Tattoos Christmas Gift Idea

Price Range: £££££ 

Great for: Kids / Teens / Adults / Elderly

Buy: Website

5. Crazy clothing by Offend My Eyes

Come on now, you knew we were going to talk clothing at some point in this article. Christmas usually means an abundance of clothing in every which way you can imagine, just the thought of entering a clothes shop during the festive season is enough to break out even the most hardened of shoppers in a sweat. So what do you get the fashionista who has got everything? An Octopussy T-shirt of course!*

The beauty of these T-shirts is that although they are professionally printed and of an extremely high quality, they're not mass produced so the chances of bumping into someone else wearing the same thing at the Christmas party is virtually eliminated.

*If (Octo)pussy isn't their thing, try the banana cock instead.

Octopussy Christmas Gift Idea

Price Range: £££££ 

Great for: Kids / Teens / Adults / Elderly

Buy: Website

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So what are you waiting for? Christmas is only around the corner! Happy shopping! 

If you have any shopping tips or product suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!